Are you a property-owner and wish to rent or sell?

Do you own a property which you wish to rent or sell? Are you a development or property management company? Sioferos Real Estate, through its wide network of clients and associates, can find the perfect tenant or buyer for your property. With an apt knowledge of both commercial and private properties, we make sure that your property reaches the right audience at the right market value.

Estate Agency

We promote exclusive high-end properties (luxury houses, exclusive coastal apartments and prime location office space) serving the needs of professional clients (corporate and individuals). Being both property professionals and estate agents allows us provide top class quality services and end-to-end support.

Property search finding and acquisition

We undertake specific requests from client to search, find and then acquire the property they are looking for, whether for corporate or private investors. We provide professional clients with a variety of selection in prime location offices, luxury residences and standard housing. For the investor, we can carry a specific property search, finding and acquisition for buildings or land, at touristic, recreational / entertainment and industrial sector.

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